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Dear friends

I can’t believe I have finally found my way back into the realm of being able to write to you. The computer has been locked up for months and for fear of losing all of Fr Joe’s writings and blogs we have been very careful trying not to lose any of his saved documents. I started this morning in prayer asking Joe to please help me navigate through the system and find all the old passwords, as when the computer shut down to reboot or whatever it does.  As always Joe came through and I found myself here being able to access and write again.

We have been involved in so much as of late. We have started renovation on the outside of the house, as well as patching and painting on the interior. The Tuesday night talks continue and are still held on the first and second Tuesday of the month.  We also have a retreat once a month with 32 people. The men and their wives are discerning the path for their husbands  to become ordained deacons in the church. We are heavily rooted in Joe’s theology and it is ,and always has been, part of his dream for clergy to have a place to go to learn about Jesus. I have also taken a job at the City Mission in Schenectady NY, and I have the opportunity of teaching a class to the men who are in the Bridges to Freedom program, going from dependency to independence.  The book we use for the class is Never Alone. It has been received very well and many are asking what else Fr Joe has written and are falling in love with his image of  Jesus.  It has now been one year since fr Joe’s passing but I feel his presence everyday, in all I do and in all my prayers. It really is a great consolation as many times  I hear his voice as though he were standing before me and speaking as we had often in the past always guiding and leading to a deeper understanding and awareness of how very close Jesus is to all of us. He continually tries to encounter us in our daily lives and all we need do is allow it. Find the time to sit still and say,” Here I am Lord, I give this time and space to be with you.” So simple, and so easy to set aside a moment each day to be with Him , Jesus. How important it is for us this advent season to take the time to set aside all the hustle of the Christmas of the secular world and to center and devote the same time and energy to what truly gives life meaning and purpose, our continued relationship with Jesus. To not allow ourselves to lose sight of the light that guides us all to a world filled with compassion love and mercy. And it is in recognizing this true light that we become the light for others, a beacon of hope as we immerse ourselves in becoming voices of truth and justice for the weak, the lonely and the poor in our midst. So  this Christmas season, we give the gift of Jesus over and over again as we give ourselves to one another always aware  the Holy spirit is there with us and in our interactions with one another. In  our bringing Jesus with us in the guise of the Holy Spirit that we continue to give birth to God’s love in a new way that awakens the Spirit of love and acceptance in all our brothers and sisters opening our eyes and speaking to our hearts moving us to meet the needs of those before us and to receive one another in love and fellowship as Jesus says, “this I command you, Love one another.” And in our fulfilling this most basic command for our Lord we never tire of seeking the next encounter,all the while carrying our own love for Jesus in our hearts which opens our eyes to see, and our hearts to love and our minds to the wisdom of the Spirit who gives us all we need to communicate and respond to one another doing the will of the Father always.  It is with great joy that I pray for you all, that I give thanks for my relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of who Jesus is for me, because Fr Joe allowed me, and all of us to see and know a Jesus who truly loves all of us for who WE are. That he created each of us for a specific person, each their own special gift and relationship with Jesus. May we continue to carry on this light, this truth, and follow in the way that Jesus leads us, never tiring of giving new birth to our faith for all to see through the way we live our lives as intimate friends of Jesus.

As always I give thanks for the work and support from Sr Dorothy Ederer for her steadfast commitment to continuing Fr Joe’s message, the Girzone family for all their help and the entire Joshua foundation board.

Peace to all

Your brother in Jesus

Deacon Gary Riggi

P.S. New contacts for while we work on our new web page

ph# 518 3650164 please leave a message if no answer

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