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When do we ever Consider God’s interests in Decisions we Make

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September 10, 2014

One thing strange about religious people and institutions is that they rarely, if ever, consider God’s views, only what is viable politically or personally for humanly practical needs and benefits.  When  God began to formalize and become involved with his children, he told them that he would be their king and that he would care for and protect them from wars.  But they didn’t listen, and they chose wars in place of God.  In God’s eyes wars are the most offense events because they are calculated to destroy God’s children.  Logically, then, military institutions must be the most offensive organization on this earth because their only purpose is to destroy God’s children, and each war sows the seed for the next war to destroy more of God’s children by the hatred generated by the previous wars.

It is critical that we consider God’s interest when we make critical decisions.

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