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Sorry I’ve been not here lately; a little bit of drama

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August 4, 2014

Two weeks ago, I felt myself getting weaker and weaker each day and by the end of the week I had the strangest feeling I was dying.  I wasn’t frightened but just disappointed that I had never prepared anybody for all the complicated things I have been involved with so many people in different states and foreign countries.  Knowing that I had an appointment in two days with my cardiologist I decided to tell him what I was experiencing.  He tested my blood and sent me immediately to my primary care doctor who took my blood again and tested it. By then my red blood cell count had dropped already 2 more points.  He sent me immediately to the emergency ward at St. Peter’s hospital where they took me immediately and took my blood for another test and got a team of different doctors to find out where I was bleeding. Nobody could find any sign of internal bleeding from any of my organs.  At that point a physician’s assistant came into my hospital room and sat down and told me his name, Murtaza Singaporewala, a Shiite Muslim.  He said he used to work for Borders Bookstore 20 years ago when JOSHUA became and international phenomenon, he had followed me ever since and was now so happy he could be of help to me.  So, what he did was take my blood and test it, and in ten minutes found out what was wrong; my auto-immune system was destroying my red blood cells as they were being introduced into the blood stream and in two days more I would have no red blood cells and no oxygen, and that could end my life.  He told the other doctors and the head of the hematology team, Dr. Qui Zen.  He accepted the finding and immediately gave me 80 mgs of prednisone, and a blood transfusion, which my young godson, Peter Della Ratta recommended to boost the oxygen level.  (Peter knew nothing but what he learned studying about anemia on the computer the night before.)  The doctor did add the blood transfusion, and within one hour I was like a new man.    Hopefully, the doctors think that within a month or so of this program, the problem should be ended and may never come back again.

But, while I was in the hospital, there was a young man in the bed next to me who was very, very sick and doctors in various major hospitals could not find the cause.  He hadn’t eaten in days and his family were beside themselves.  I talked to him and we became friends.  When he overheard the Muslim doctor talking with me the way he did and how my life was an adventure with Jesus, the young room mate was impressed, and later said to me, “I have learned a lot in the past two days, and I finally realized that I have to find Jesus and become close to him, and I learned a lot of other things, too.”  I told him I learned a lot from him as well, and he said, “I think we must be soul mates.”  The boy is a pre-med student.  That afternoon his doctor came in and said he was going to prescribe a medicine that he thought might work. An hour later I went home, and when I left, I told him that I think that he will be realized the next day, too, because I think that Jesus arranged for us to meet and now that we have, there’s no need for you to be here either. He emailed me when I got home, and said how uncanny it was because he was going to be released the next day.  What I learned is that Jesus has a strange sense of humor that we both had to meet as very sick patients in the same hospital room at the same three days, but I guess that the sicknesses were what brought about all the fuss and the right topics of the conversations.

At one point in the second day when the Muslim was there to see me, a dear friend who is dying of Lou Gehrig disease, came to see me at the same time, so we had a Catholic priest, a Muslim and a Jew having fun over the beautiful experience.  How delicately Jesus arranges even such small details! And also now I owe my life to the brilliance of a Muslim doctor whom Jesus picked to help me!  Also, when some people cynically ask,  “Where are there any Muslim hospitals?”  I can only answer, “One third of the doctors, nurses and assistants at St. Peter’s and also around the country are Muslims.  So, they would rather work in Catholic hospitals rather than build their own.”


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